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Hole In My Life
FSG, Mar 2002, 16.00, 200 pp. ISBN: 0374399883 Jack “Joey Pigza” Gantos writes an autobiography centering on how he became a writer. However, this well written chronicle is not a dissertation on “How to Cook Roast Pig” writer's style. Instead this is a powerfully honest report of why Mr. Gantos chose a life of crime to escape his homeland and how he survived his twentieth year of being caught and incarcerated for smuggling drugs. This harr...
What Would Joey Do?
FSG, Oct 2002, 16.00, 228 pp. ISBN: 0807209481 Dad is back in Lancaster, Pennsylvania causing problems for poor Joey Pigza, who worries that his dad Carter returned by roaring motorcycle to abduct him. However, he revises his theory to that of his father using him because he wants to either irritate or get close to Joey's mother. Joey's grandmother knows the world is coming to an end perhaps because of her emphysema, but more likely because Car...