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Anyone Who Has a Heart
Warner, Aug 2003, 23.95, 336 pp. ISBN: 044653174X Single mom Theresa still suffers nightmares and needs alcohol to help her sleep though several years have passed since her lover Don died fighting a fire. Don never knew he sired a boy. Theresa realizes she must move on with her life, but drifts as she has no idea where she wants to go Her first lover since Don's death Vince wants Theresa to clean up her act, but has identity problems of his ...
Someone To Catch My Drift
Warner, Mar 2002, 23.05, 436 pp. ISBN: 0446527483 Her boyfriend is in jail for seeing an underage girl and that leaves Nikai Parker so humiliated she cannot go to the mailbox, let alone work or talk with her family and friends. However, she feels perhaps the worst depression of her life not just because Travis is a no good brotha, but because she had their unborn aborted without any personal support three days ago. Her next door neighbor S...