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Annie John
Annie John grows distant from the mother she idolizes and must find her own way as she goes to school in Antigua. Annie John is a young girl living in Antigua, Guatemala whose life is peaceful and happy. She is especially close to her mother who coddles the girl. Annie becomes obsessed with the idea of death at the age of ten when she spends time outside of the city and realizes that children her age die. She visits the wake of a deformed girl her own ag...
A young Caribbean woman attempts to escape her troubled past by serving as a nanny for a North American family, an experience which inevitably forces her to confront her angst and the issues that remain from her life in the West Indies. Lucy is a young woman from the West Indies whose past is tormented by her discordant relationship with her mother and colonial oppression. She attempts to escape from her troubled life by serving as a nanny for a wealthy ...
See Now Then
The Sweet family struggles to find love enough love to give their children hope for the future. Mr. Sweet is not a happy man. He wants to live the life his late mother the one of fancy perfumes and grand hotels made him accustomed to. His wife Mrs. Sweet, may as well be married to the plants and flowers in the gardens she plants and tends to while acting as if she hates him. He wants only to play music on his harp and and be left alone. The only perso...