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Ascending is a fantastic book. The writing is crisp and humorous. It tells the story of Oar, the last of a group of humans that, as a gift, were modified by aliens to be transparent—glasslike. Unfortunately a side affect of this was mental degradation after thirty years of life. Oar sets out seeking a counter-agent....
Eos, Aug 2004, 23.95, 374 pp. ISBN: 0060595264 EXPENDABLE Explorer Third Class Youn Sue is trained to handle the most difficult, dangerous and deadly assignments as expected of a member of the Explorer Corps. She and her Explorer peers are disposables enabling a detached mankind to rationalize their deaths without any emotional attachment, remorse or guilt for who cares that an “Ugly Screaming Stink Girl” like Youn dies. The Pistachio space ...
Eos, Oct 2002, 6.99, 416 pp. ISBN 0380813330 Imagine a world without computers, cars, airplanes or manufacturing. This is not a place in Earth's past but in its future. Four centuries ago, civilization collapsed forcing the League of Peoples to send in the Spark lords, a policing agency of the League to make sure the planet is salvageable. People use horses and sails as the main means of transportation and for light, kerosene lamps are used. ...