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Wit'ch Gate
Del Rey, Dec 2001, 24.00, 544 pp. ISBN: 034544244X The world remains in peril as the Dark Lord, though somewhat repelled, has established four weirgates to absorb the magick that makes this realm survive. As Eleanor the Wit'ch and her allies argue over what to do next, time slips away. Finally, they agree to break into three teams to attack the Dark Lord's minions at the weirgates in which the ultimate evil is not residing. All know if suc...
Wit'ch War
After meeting up at Landslip and earning the support of the Mer'ai, it's time for Elena and her crew to journey to A'loa Glen to take on the Dark Lord's forces - and finally aquire the fabled Blood Diary. As usual, that's easier said than done. The Dark Lord throws everything he can in their path to the Glen, and even Elena's allies are having a hard time agreeing with her plans and getting themselves to work together. If you thought "Wit'ch Fire"...
Witchfire - The Banned and the Banished, book 1
The land of Alansea has been conquered by ancient evil for five centuries. A young girl comes of womanhood and is prophecied to become her land's savior and is hunted by the terrifying minions of that same evil. She is aided by a motley band of outcasts and heroes. Clemens has written unforgettable blend of epic and fantasies....