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Four men take a canoeing trip through Georgia. Two are attacked by locals; one of the protagonists is raped and the other is spared when their friends kill the first of the locals. The rest of the story concerns their escape from the back country and their struggle to avoid being killed by the other local. The sex is graphic but not erotic; the violence and struggle against nature is also graphic but not gratuitous....
To the White Sea
An American WWII gunner named Muldrow is shot down and lands in Tokyo. Amidst the chaos of the US firebombing of Tokyo in 1944, he makes his way up North, hoping to find his way back to his home in his native Alaska. The terrain itself is a character, and the character changes as Muldrow moves from Tokyo to the countryside to the snow. Sometimes the terrain fights Muldrow, somethings hides him, sometimes shelters him in beautiful places where Muldro...