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A Million Little Pieces
"A Million Little Pieces" is a true story of James Fray's struggle with addiction, criminal activity, and non-mainstream views in one of the most mainstream and structured environments in the world: a rehab center and mental institution. The book details James's struggle to cope with knowing he can overcome his addictions (but not the way society wants him to), the friends he makes, and the conversations he has. ...
My Friend Leonard
This takes place as a young man named James Frey leaves jail. He finds his girlfriend has committed suicide because her grandmother died. He met her in a drug rehabilitation center. He also met a friend named Leonard at the same facility. Leonard takes him in as a son. Stating "I have always wanted a son, Since I did not have one you will be my son." Leonard helps James financially. He is a mobster. Whenever James is in trouble Leonard helps him get ...