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Arthur Denison and his son, Will, are shipwrecked on a strange island. Not long after their arrival, they see creatures that appear to be dinosaurs. After the initial shock, they are taken to someone who can speak an archaeic sort of English. This book is in the form of a journal, with mainly entries done by Arthur Denison, but some written by his son. It follows their attempts to integrate themselves into the Dinotopian culture. Will wants to be a ...
Dinotopia: The World Beneath
Arthur Denison wants to bring a Golden Age to Dinotopia, which he sees as involving technology. He creates a Dragoncopter that is destroyed shortly after its first flight. He decides he wants to journey to the World Beneath in order to see the artifacts and technology there. He goes on his journey with Oriana Nascava and Lee Crabb. They find amazing things, including dinosaur-shaped robots. Unfortunately, Lee Crabb's greed leads him to steal a treas...