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Force 12
Simon & Schuster, Mar 2001, 352 pp. ISBN: 0684862859 Following the successful test of his new ship Victory, information technology billionaire Rex Wyman announces the yachting race to end all races. His ship will challenge the best to race from San Francisco Bay to Tokyo Harbor via the 5200-mile rhomb line that consists of the shortest nautical distance. This Pacific challenge will occur in the winter making it that much more hazardous. ...
The Gold Swan
Simon & Schuster, Nov 2002, 25.00, 338 pp. ISBN 0684862867 It has taken almost four years and millions of dollars but the 2,500 feet high building is only a few weeks away from completion. It is the tallest man-made structure on earth with the base of the building being a man made island in Victoria Bay. It serves as a symbol of the new China, strong, unique and majestic and is affectionately called THE GOLD SWAN because the structure is in the...
White Star
Owen Gray is a retired Marine Corps sniper. He wasn't just any sniper, he was the best. This was in Vietnam. Present day, Owen is working for the US District Attorney's office in NYC. He's a single father raising three adopted children, intent on forgetting about his past. Unfortunately, someone else from his past wants one final conflict with Owen. A Russian sniper who believes that he is the best, and determined to eliminate any other contenders....