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Any Way You Want Me
Yasmine Talbot is a programmer at Virtually Active Inc., a sex software company in San Francisco. Although Yasmine is usually fixated on bad boys, she can't seem to fight her attraction to the good looking, All American new employee, Kyle Kramer. For years Yasmine has put a shield on her heart after having gone through a traumatic adolescent experience. As a 16 year old Yasmine got caught up in a computer hacking scandal that left her sentenced to juveni...
As Hot As It Gets
Phoenix travel agent Claire Elliot manages Sunny Horizons Travel, but she can't seem to get Mason Walker (her best friend's brother in-law) out of her mind. Though both times they have been face to face have been disasters. The first time she leaved him stranded in the Arizona desert when she drives off with his Porsche. The second time at her friends and his brother's wedding in Hawaii they are like mixing oil and water. But, why can't she get him o...
What A Girl Wants
Jane is a advice writer who deals out relationship advice monthly for a men's magazine as well as writing a book on the subject. Her book "Sex Factor" has created uproar among men and women alike. Based on her advice more than one boyfriend is left sleeping alone. This makes her a target for a stalker. She reluctantly hires a "Personal Security Specialist" and he is instantly attracted to her. She is very insecure about this, as she has grown up w...