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Once Again a Princess
All Jo's life, she has known there is a chance she may be called to rule the family's province of Vegra in Eastern Europe. Now that Communism has failed, she finds the man who shadowed her around the world as a journalist is really Max Gotshack, mercenary soldier and son of the last Prime Minister of Vegra. Together they must put the ancestral province back to rights, knowing the sparks between them must never go too far. ...
The Hardest Step
Marti Lundstrum was badly injured in a car accident that killed both of her parents. Life as she knew it is over, but she is determined to start a new life for herself. After extensive therapy, Marti is able to walk with a cane and to work at the managed care facility where she lives. The facility runs an answering service and she answers the phones at night, takes messages, makes wake up calls, does light filing, etc. Marti is happy where she is, but sh...