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Beyond Innocence
Jane Goodall's autobiographical letters chronicles her daily living experiences with chimpanzees in Africa. The studies performed by Goodall are exposed throughout her correspondence with her family, friend's and colleagues including the National Geographic magazine. The book progresses into the birth and upbringing of Jane's son in East Africa along with her husband Hugo. This is Goodall's second volume book that recorded her most valued research o...
My Life with Chimpanzees
Jane Goodall was born in London and was always interested in animals. When she was about twenty-three, she had a friend who invited her to Africa. Jane was supposed to stay for a month. Of course Jane jumped all over this idea and went off to Africa to begin a big adventure. Jane Goodall loved Africa so much that she decided to move there. Jane's mother missed Jane so she went out to Africa to see Jane for a month. Mother and daughter worked very wel...