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Gifts From The Sea
Signet, Dec 2001, 5.99, 336 pp. ISBN: 0451294786 In the days of the thriving whaling industry, the residents of Truro, Massachusetts survive by recovering cargo from the shipwrecks near their Cape Cod community. Rachel Best and her husband Richard have lived in Truro all their lives. He knows the nearby Atlantic Ocean as well as anyone, but when he disappears at sea, everyone else concludes he died. Rachel refuses to believe her spouse is ...
The Perfect Wife
Young naive Anne Foster is an overweight, unpopular girl on which wealthy, popular Henry Owen sets his marriage sights on. In response to this out of the blue proposal, Anne heartily accepts. However, unbeknownst to her, this sham of a marriage is just part of Henry's selfish plan to inherit a house named Sea Cliff from his grandfather. After only three weeks of marriage does Anne receive divorce papers from him. Amid gossip and rumors does Anne leave to...
When There Is Hope
Susan Butler lives her life happily with her husband and now, after a few years of trying they finally going to have a baby. Unfortunately, her wish to become a mother didn't come true. Susan died in a fatal car accident, along with her unborn child. Susan is however given a second chance to live. Her guardian angel send her back to the past in the year of 1888. She enters the body of Margaret Johnsbury who died falling from a horse. Soon, she found...