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The Ex-Files
Faye Parker, a struggling model, believes that she has finally met Mr. Right, Mark, a sensitive chef. The couple decide to get married, and Mark, who is still friends with two of his ex-girlfriends decides to invite them to the wedding. Not to be outdone, Faye invites two of her former boyfriends. The day before the wedding the party gather together for the first time. Faye's flamboyant friend Adam enjoys every tense minute, Mark's ex Kate is still in lo...
The Second Wives Club
Alison is in her wedding day where everything was going along just fine until her husband Lucas overbearing first wife Sofia walked into the middle of the reception, caused a scene, and stormed off with their two kids. Alison needing a moment to compose herself, snuck off the to ladies room where she meets up with Fiona. The two women start talking about how hard it is to be the second wife and Fiona invites Alison to a support club meeting for other wom...