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Valiant Bride
Noramary Marsh grew up in a wealthy English family until her sister-in-law sends her to the American Colonies to live wth her Aunt and Uncle. Noramary, penniless, falls in love with the local doctor's son until her cousin elopes with her French tutor. Noramary's Aunt and Uncle ask her to marry her cousin's betrothed to save the family's honor. Noramary agrees and cuts off all communication with her childhood sweetheart. Noramary and Duncan Mon...
Web of Deception
After her father's sudden death, Rachel Penniston seeks a means of employment beyond her small teacher's salary. A widower hires her as a governess for his two young children, Delphine and Derrick. The widower lives in a secluded manor called Talisman, and he is planning to go to Australia on business for nearly a year. Rachel is quickly drawn to both the widower and his children. He informs her that the children's somewhat difficult aunt, Verdon...