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Ring of Destiny
The bothers Rhomandi: The eldest, Deymorin, a natural leader and Princeps by birth. The younger, Mikhyel, a negotiator, as one with the Ley, And the youngest, Nikeanor, a peacemaker and father to the heir of the Rhomatum Rings. Three brothers divided. An uneasy, post civil war, nation of city states. A Ley-web of living energy in tatters. Three brothers who must now unite for the sake of Rhomatum's future; the state's future. A future inextricabl...
Ring of Intrigue
The Rhomandi: Deymorin, Mikhyel, and Nikaenour along with Deymorin's companion, Kiyrstin, return to Rhomatum and are immediately arrested. For the ringmaster, Anheliaa, is slowly dying, and the city council want an explanation regarding the state of the Ley-web, and what the Rhomandi intend to do about it. In addition, the rulers of the outer nodes, and their old adversary the Mauritumin, and their Northern Crescent allies are getting restless. The Rho...
Ring of Lightning
‘Today I looked into the rings and saw a new and better world'. And so it was that Darius built a tower upon a leythium-node wherein he set in motion a set of giant rings composed of leythium and silver from which the power of Rhomatum City was established: a power that, centuries later, would become the source of conflict between the resident ring-master Anheliaa, vested interests in general, and the Rhomandi brothers, Deymorin, Mikhyel, and Nikaenour, ...