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Charles Darwin: The Power of Place
Browne's second volume begins in 1858 with the circumstances surrounding the production and reception of the great work of Darwin's life, the “Origin of Species." Recipient of a large inheritance from his financially astute father, he was blessed with the leisure to pursue his scientific inclinations as something of a gentleman amateur, not unusual in his day. Having spent twenty years collecting factual material, Darwin was only compelled into presen...
Charles Darwin: Voyaging
This first volume of Browne's biography of Darwin takes Darwin from his birth to the 1850's as he begins to develop and fine tune his ideas of species adaptation and natural selection as a result of his readings of the work of Robert Malthus, his new understanding of some of the implications of the geological ideas of Sir Charles Lyell, and his intensive study of barnacles, pigeon breeding, and plant fertilization. Although focused primarily on...