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A Gown of Spanish Lace
Ariana, a sixteen year old schoolteacher, had lost her parents during an Indian raid and was adopted and raised by a loving couple, the Bensons. Ariana has her birth mother's wedding dress that she hopes to use for her own wedding someday, a beautiful gown adorned with Spanish lace. One day, Ariana is kidnapped by a group of thieves and taken to their camp. Laramie, the leader's son, is assigned to guard her. Although Laramie has lived among bandits a...
Love Comes Softly
Marty is a 19 year old pioneer woman. Recently married, she goes west with her husband Clem, hoping to start a new life. They travel in their wagon, eating mostly pancakes since that's the only dish Marty knows how to cook, but they are happy. But Clem unexpectedly dies, and Marty finds herself along, two months pregnant, with no money to go home. Clark Davis, a man Marty barely knows, also a widower, offers her a marriage of convenience: she needs fo...
Roses for Mama
When both of their parents die, Angela and Thomas Peterson are left to take care of the family farm and of their three young brothers and sisters, Derek, Louise, and Sara. Thomas is sixteen, and Angela is fourteen when that happens. They take the challenge and work as hard as they can, Thomas tending the fields and Angela taking care of household chores and the children. With the help of some friends and neighbors, they manage well enough. Three years...