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Executive Privilege
Forge, Oct 2001, 25.95, 464 pp. ISBN: 0312874251 One of the prime reasons John McPherson is elected President of the United States is he is scandal free. There are no stained dresses or other skeletons in his closet leaving a wary populace to believe the intelligent charming John will concentrate on Dow Jones. The First Lady Myra and First Son Randy add to the aura of the All-American family. The fašade hides the reality that John is an al...
Grudge Match
Forge, June 2004, 25.95, 880 pp. ISBN 0765308924 Eight years ago San Antonio assistant district attorney Chris Sinclair proved to a jury that Detective Steve Greerdon participated in an armed robbery. Steve insisted he was set up by other police officers who wanted Steve to join their little club of ripping off drug dealers and other lowlifes, but he refused so he took the fall for a crime he never committed. Chris, now the District Attorney, f...
Sliver Moon
Forge, Jul 2003, 25.95, 416 pp. ISBN: 0312874367 San Antonio District Attorney Chris Sinclair accompanies his girlfriend psychiatrist Anne Greenwald on a visit to her estranged father, Morris, notorious for his questionable dealings in Texas politics and government. Fortunately Chris' teenage daughter who resides with him is staying with her grandparents for the weekend. Chris and Anne are a bit surprised when they arrive at Morris' home to fin...