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From Anna
Anna Solden is the youngest member of the family. She's clumsy, she can't read, she isn't pretty or talented like her brothers and sisters. But, her papa thinks there's something special about Anna. The family leaves Germany to escape the Nazis. They move to Canada, and Papa makes Anna promise to learn English. But, English reminds her of the new horrible nickname she's given by her siblings -Awkward Anna. She just knows she's going to hate everythi...
Orphan at My Door
Victoria Cope, who lives in the town of Guelph, Ontario, begins her diary on her eleventh birthday. Because her mother is unwell, her father decides the family will take in a Home Child, an orphan from England, to help with the housework. The girl who joins their household is a small, quiet twelve-year-old named Mary Anna Wilson. Through Victoria's diary, we learn of Mary Anna's plight -- her mother died, and she has been separated from her younger broth...