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Dawning of a New Age
Gods of Krynn have vanished and in their place dragon highlords rule over the lands. A band of heros rises up to stop dragon highlords from destroying humanity. Dhamon rises up as a young man and becomes a warrior fighting against dragon highlords, dragons and ogres. He fights for honor and to preserve humanity in a world where humans are paying tribute to dragons to survive in peace. ...
Eve of Maelstrom
This is the final novel in the Dragons of a New Age trilogy. The dragon Malys tries to become a goddess with only a band of heros to stop her. Dhamon Grimwulf rejoins the band of heros in the acquistion of ancient magical artifacts to prevent the dragon from becoming a goddess. The journey leads to an underwater elven kingdom and to an Elven forest where the band of heros have to face dragons as well as untrusting elves standing in the way of attaining t...
The Day of the Tempest
This is the second book in the trilogy of humanoid races who battle against the dragons of Krynn. A band of heros search for ancient magical artifacts to fight against dragon highlords. Good dragons side with humans in vivid battles against the evil dragons. Dhamon Grimwulf, the main hero, survives a deadly battle only to have an evil dragon's scale impaled in his body which forces him to be a traitor to his fellow allies....