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Oranges are Not the Only Fruit
This novel tells the story of a young girl's coming of age. Jeanette is an orphan who is adopted into a strict religious family. During the process of being trained to become a missionary, she falls in love with another woman. The interesting thing about Oranges is that the main story is interrupted by several metaphorical fairy tales. This thought-provoking story traces Jeanette's struggles between her mother, her Christian community, and her sexual pre...
The Passion
Henri is a simple farm boy who has joined the army during the napoleonic wars. He gets a job as a cook and eventually becomes the personal chef to his idol, Napoleon. However, Henri experiences combat during Napoleon's brutal russian campgain. It is in Russia that Henri meets Villenelle, a young woman from Venice with webbed feet, whose husband sold her to the french army as a prositute. He also meets Partick, an priest excommunicated for watching young ...
The Stone Gods
A woman experiences repeating history on several doomed worlds. Billie Crusoe lives on planet Orbus, in the technologically advanced Central Power. Orbus is composed of two other civilizations, the Eastern Caliphate and the Sino-Mosco Pact and at this point in its history it has been mined and polluted, red sandstorms sweep the globe, and is just a few decades away from being uninhabitable. Billie works in Tech City but is a non-conformist who lives o...