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In 1922, a grown brother and sister flee the Turks' burning of the Greek city of Smyrna and make a new life for themselves in Detroit as man and wife. They and their children make a life for themselves in the new land, working in the car factories, running a tavern, and even teaching members of the nascent Nation of Islam to make silk. The narrator of the entire story, Cal Stephaniades, is in the foreign service in Berlin near the end of the century, but...
The Marriage Plot
This book is about a love triangle and about life after college graduation. Madeleine Hanna is a student. She studies English Literature and her main focus is on the intriguing plot of the 19th century novel: the marriage plot. She is struggling hard to understand the marriage plot in the context of the feminist movements, the sheer number of divorces and separations and the major depression of the 1980's. Leonard Bankhead joins one of Madeleine's cla...
The Virgin Suicides
This is the account of four sisters' suicides. It all starts with Cecille's suicide attempt. She tries again, and suceeds, and their live go down hill from there. A mother who is afraid of everything controls their every move and eventually pulls them out of school. Their father is a teacher, but also eventually leaves, and is too weak to stand up to his controlling wife for the sake of his remaining daughters. This is set up as a court case, by three bo...