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A Good Soldier
Silver Dagger, Feb 2003, 23.95 ISBN 1570722153 The Civil War has been over for six months but General Ulysses S. Grant remains the hero who won the war and preserved the nation. Everyone agrees that Andrew Johnson is a one-term president and that General Grant will in all probability be the next president. Grant tours the county, campaigning to win the presidency if he chooses to run. On his way to Cincinnati, he stops at the small Ohio town o...
The Scent of Murder
Marissa isn't happy when she finds out that her ex-husband's fiance has been killed in her office. The police would love to arrest her despite the fact that she has an alibi. Her boss would love to fire her for the bad press the company is getting. Her only choice is to find out who really committed the murder before one or the other get their way....