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Once Upon a Dream
Robin Wise has spent the past year locked up in her house. Her mother, grandmother, great grandmother, etc. have been cursed to die freak accidents right before their 30th birthday. Robin reacts by developing agoraphobia, going out only to tend her rose garden. Alex Simon has moved in next door. Having left England and a hard-to-please ex-fiance, he comes to Texas to be near his recently widowed sister. He is a college professor with many interest...
Shocking Behavior
Love Spell, Aug 2002, 5.99, 298 pp. ISBN: 0505525070 After receiving the alarming call from Pop's neighbor, journalist J.T. Drake leaves Los Angeles for his hometown of Pecan Grove, Texas, to check on Pop, his father. Pop known as the eccentric Professor Herschel Drake to most people was doing some sort of experiment that J.T. was serendipitously checking into to insure there was no danger to anyone. However, by accident J.T. becomes the first ...
The Shadow Girl
When Lily was 4 years old, she stared talking to a shadow girl named Iris. She mentions it to her parents and her parents try to tell her it is just her shadow and imaginary friend. But now its Lily's 17th birthday and she still talks to Iris. But she doesn't tell her parents. The morning of her 17th birthday as Lily and her dad are headed back from watching the sunrise, they get into an accident. She finds someone who calls for help and he stays to try ...