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Drop Dead Gorgeous
Madison O'Donnell is convinces that she will die on her 28th birthday as her father did as they both had strokes as a teenager. Before she dies she has decided that she must fall in passionate love, she doesn't want to die not having felt the earth shattering, toe curling love. She sets out to do this despite the objections by her family and her boss T. Lawrence (dubbed T-Larry by Madison). After seeing the people that Madison is throwing herself at, ...
Sex and the Serial Killer
In response to being dumped by her husband-- in favor of his highschool sweetheart-- Bobbi Jones treats herself to a makeover into a sexy siren that she never was. Once completing her makeover, Bobbi follows her cheating husband to Cottonmouth, California-- where he resides to be near his sweetheart. Bobbi hopes to make her cheating husband regret his betrayal by showing off her "new and improved" look to both her husband, and the residents of Cot...