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Once More Miranda
Miranda is an orphan in 18th century London, surviving by picking pockets. Cam Gordon is an adventure novelist from Scotland who secretly supports the Scottish revolutionaries plotting to overthrow the English government. Miranda is sentenced to be Cam's servant, and the two become involved. 1st portion of novel is the story of Miranda's mother, last portion of novel relates back to the first portion, how Miranda discovers her true identity. ...
Once More, Miranda
Miranda James was born of educated parents but became a London street urchin when her penniless mother died. She picks pockets to earn a measly living. At a dramatic hanging, she attemps to pick the pocket of Cam Gordon's friend. Cam Gordon, a stern scotsman, is unwilling to let her go and reports the crime to the autorities. Soon Miranda is sentenced to hang unless... she agrees to become Cam Gordon's indentured servant. Having nowhere to go, Miranda ag...