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Echoes of Tomorrow
Elise Gerard found the man of her dreams in the house she was giving a tour of but he claimed he was from the year 1844. Stuck in the future Reed Blackwell soon made the most of his new life and set about making Elise his wife. But when he vanished back into the past on their wedding night it is Elise who chases him back into the past as she struggles to help him regain the lost memory of their love....
Waiting for Yesterday
Barrett Overbrook woke up with a searing pain in her stomach and extreme discomfort between her wide-spread legs. As unconceivable as it was, a black man with distinguished blue eyes was shouting at her to ‘push' while another man with sterner features was holding her down. She was giving birth! How did she fell out of her miserable life in 1997 to an equally desolate life in the wild outback of Columbus, Ohio100 years back? Did it have anything to do wi...