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Holt, Feb 2004, 25.00, 259 pp. ISBN: 080507211X A year has passed since the nuns found the injured American near their convent. They took her in, helped her heal, and named her Eve when it was obvious that she suffered from amnesia due to a shot to her head. She also learned that she must have given birth, but has no idea where her child is or its sex. Now that she has physically healed, Eve wants to learn what really happened to her and more ...
Meg's an ex-con with a bizarre family life--and she would rather keep her day job and forget all about the rest. But when the man whose Jeep she's shown up to repossess is found dead, some unsavory characters decide Meg might know more than she really does, and she's dragged into a twisting, turning plot with no means of escape but the truth....
Henry Holt, Sept 2002, 24.00, 256 pp. ISBN 0805072039 Before he was murdered and the death made to look like a cover up, scientist Carl Greene worked for a Seattle based pharmaceutical company, Bioflux. He asked an old friend, journalist Kevin Burns to meet him, but Carl never shows up. Later Kevin learns about the accident. That night Carl's widow Lucy hears somebody rummaging in Carl's home office. She chases the perp off but the next da...