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Abandon In Place
Tor, Jan 2003, 14.95, 363 pp. ISBN: 0312873166 NASA is in deep decline especially looking back to its glory days of Mercury, Gemini, and the Apollo missions. As the astronaut and cosmonaut pioneers of space die, Elvis-like sightings are reported, but most rationale folks write them off as too much moonshine. However, when Neil Armstrong passes away, a Saturn V moon rocket launches from the Cape Canaveral pad witnessed by shuttle astronaut Rick ...
The Getaway Special
A great read. The discovery of a means of jumping into space and great distances with a minimum of time and energy creates a social upheavial when the well meaning inventor gives the secret away to the world. Set slightly in the future the general tone is upbeat and with enough huomour interjected to make it fun but it does make you think about what would happen if the ability to go directly to orbit was available to everyone that could build a space shi...