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Donald Zinkoff has always been the nerd of the school. He is unathletic and a little weird but nice. Donald has always dreamed of becoming a mailman like his father and finally in second grade he gets his chance to be one. Donald is not allowed to go to work with his father on the real Take Your Kid to Work Day so he gets his own Take Donald Zinkoff to Work Day. Donald writes one hundred letters and delivers them. By doing this Donald mets an old wo...
Night of the Whale
School is over and Wags just graduated from high school. There are no parents anywhere. Wags has got a permission to take five friends to her family's beach house. The senior week for Wags is going to be great. Wags is going to take five of her friends: Digger, Mouse, Timmi, Lauren, and Breeze. Mouse's nickname comes from his size. On night their happy week was interrupted when they saw a whole group of whales stranded along a deserted section of the ...
Leo is an average boy who is not popular, but not geeky, he goes to a school where everyone is basicly the same, where everyone tries to fit in. This pattern has been working for them, but all of a suden, Stargirl comes. She is different and not afraid to show it. She wears unique clothes, says unique things, and strangest of all, she is nice to and freinds with everyone. At first people find that she is strange, but as they start to get used to h...