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Jerzy Kosinski Message Board 1/1/2012
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Author Kosinski's Book Reviews

Being There
Being There is about an uneducated and under-socialized man who is thought to be well-read, wise and highly refined. Being There by Jerzy Kosinski, is a novel about a man named Chance, who has tended his patron's garden ever since he could remember. He had almost no verbal connection with his elderly benefactor and never knew his own parents or where he originally came from. Even though he was an uneducated enigma, by appearances alone, he would be mista...
The Painted Bird
The Painted Bird is about a young Jewish boy, separated from his parents, who survives World War 2 on his own. At the very beginning of World War 2, the parents of a six year old Jewish boy send him off to a small village while they go in hiding elsewhere. The woman the boy is staying with protects him from the occupying forces of Nazi Germany, who are rounding up all Jews for deportations and executions. When this first protector dies a few months after...