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Beautiful Ruins
It's 1962 and Pasquale Tursi was living a quiet boring life in Porto Vegongna Village managing his small hotel sitting on a cliff overlooking a beach only 2 fishing boats could land. He hoped to one day add a tennis court and make it a real resort. One day he gets a real guest. An American actress arrives, quiet, slim, beautiful and alone. She speaks broken Italian and Pasquale speaks little English but they manage to communicate. She tells him she is...
Over Tumbled Graves
Detective Caroline Mabry is called in on a dangerous case in Spokane, Washington. A dead prostitute has been found near the Spokane River. Caroline and her partner Alan Dupree team up to try to catch what is increasingly looking like a serial killer. But then they are shunted aside for nationally known "profilers" who promise to catch the bad guy. Dupree feels these guys are just full of hot air. Caroline just wants to keep her job and allows hersel...
The Financial Lives of The Poets
This is a story about Matthew Prior and what happens to him and his family after he gets into debt and is on the road to losing his wife and house. First, Matt Prior starts losing his mind when he begins to contemplate the loss of his house. He is on the process to foreclosure after he quit his job as a business reporter for a newspaper, to form his own start-up -- which is a website that purportedly would analyze economic and business trends, putting th...