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Joyous MacQuarrie is a Scottish witch who has just been unleashed in England. She cast a spell wrong and ended up with Alec Castlemaine, the Duke of Belmore. He is looking for a wife and he wants the beautiful witch. She makes him feel emotion for the first time and she is afraid to tell him the truth that she is a witch. This is a very funny and interesting novel....
Letty Horsby has loved Richard ever since... well just about forever, but unfortunately, she's a walking disaster area who manages to injure or incapacitate anyone who comes within twenty feet of her. That aside, she knows that now Richard is back in London, she'll be the one who finally manages to bring the irreprehensible rake to heel... if she can just find a way. Richard has been sent back to London to dry out from too many women and too much alcoh...
Sentimental Journey
Pocket, Jul 2001, 24.95, 436 pp. ISBN: 0671035339 In 1942, in spite of the war, Kitty Kincaid seeks escape from the pressure of being the daughter of a renowned critically important American research scientist. She travels to North Africa, but the Nazis take her prisoner. US Army Captain J.R. Cassidy, known for his seemingly impossible but successful rescue missions is assigned the job of freeing Kitty. Charlotte “Charley” Morrison h...