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Lord of My Heart
When the Normans invade England and conquer the Saxons, Madeleine de la Haute Vironge is taken out of the convent and given property in the newly conquered land. However as a woman in the medieval era, she needs a husband in order to properly control her new land, subjects and other lords in the area who are keen to undermine her. The new 'English' king provides her with a choice - three eligible men, all titled and wealthy, from which she must select he...
Signet, May 2004, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0451211839 In 1816 widow Laura Gardeyne begins to wonder if her brother-in-law Jack wants her three year old son Harry dead. Laura knows that Jack is a highly regarded vicar who seems to do the right things for his flock and is much kinder towards his wife and child then her deceased spouse Hal had been to her and Harry. Little incidents make her ponder whether the good vicar wants to insure he is the heir ...
Tempting Fortune
Portia St. Claire hated the city. It all started with her father and his gambling. Now it was her brother and 'his' gambling. She just wanted to take her brother away to the country where it wouldn't be as big of a temptation. But as long as they were in the city, her brother still gambled and still lost. With his creditors on his tail and very little hope, Portia still managed to attract the attention of one Bryght Malloren. Bryght was a great b...