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A Cold-Blooded Scoundrel
In this gay Victorian mystery, Scotland Yard Inspector Philip Devlin's past comes back to haunt him when a series of gruesome murders unsettles London, and the killer appears to single out Devlin for his game of cat and mouse. Interwoven into the suspense of this story is a generous dose of humor and romance, provided by the warm-hearted Devlin himself, a charmingly inept, infatuated constable, a pair of elegant graverobbers and a couple of free-thinking...
JoAnne Soper-Cook's third novel, tells the story of Stella Maris Goulding, a successful author who lives a reclusive life, dresses as a man when she ventures out, and resorts to bulimia in order to cope with the problems in her life. Stella's mother makes no bones about the fact that the child is nothing more than a burden. Such negative reinforcement causes Stella to blame herself for her mother's lack of affection. Self-hatred becomes the core of St...