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Joan Slonczewski Message Board 1/1/2012
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Daughter of Elysium
Raincloud Windclan has been called to the planet Elysium to help to prevent interplanetary war. But her husband Blackbear an excellent scientist has other reasons for going to Elysium...he wants to find the secret to the Elysians longevity and to try to solve the infertility problem that their longevity treatment causes. But as foerigners the Windclans can sense that all is not right with this world as there is another race, the original race of the pl...
The Children Star
The planet Prokaryon can only be conolized by children, since it requires genetic modification done at an early age. It is a beautiful world with no apparent intelligent life, but several very strange characteristics to its flora and fauna. Trees grow in rows, the weather patterns are suspiciously regular, and landscapes seem designed to be pleasing. Brother Rod belongs to the Spirit Brethren, a religious organization which runs a small settlement of ...