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The Changeling
Thirteen-year-old Shauna, eldest of the Townson family's five adopted children, is taken away in the night by fairies and a changeling left in her place. However, during the changeover, five-year-old Sierra, clinging tenaciously to her constant companion, Blue Ted, is inadvertently taken as well. The changeling, Dylis, pretending to be Shauna, leads the remaining three children to Fairyland (from whence she had come) in an attempt to rescue Sierra. Th...
The Diary of a Scullery Maid
The young Helen Sarsfield arrives at the stately home of Lord and Lady Blanchford-Carter to begin work as a scullery maid, completely unaware that their lordships have turned part of the mansion into a high-class brothel for the upper echelons of society. Their head butler, Hawkins, through his infatuation with the evil Lady Cynthia, has agreed by whatever means possible, to tempt, lure, seduce, cajole, trick or blackmail the servant girls into prostitut...
The War of the Elves - The Changeling 2
13 year-old Shauna,eldest of a family of five adopted children is kidnapped by fairies and a changeling left in her place. The changeling, a fairy princess, is an instant hit with the other members of the family, not least because of her ability to fly and perform magic. She teaches the other children to fly and then together they plan to set out on a daring mission to attempt to rescue their kidnapped sister, during which they learn of a plot by the...