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State of Mind
The father commits multiple murders as revenge for the mother taking his children away from him when they were young. He kills people all over America and ends up in the 51st State under false identity with a new family. His son has been requested by the police to assist them in finding his father and he follows him to the 51st State with his sister and terminally ill mother. The father is a very clever man who leaves clues about the murders he is com...
The Analyst
Ballantine, Feb 2002, 25.00, 576 pp. ISBN: 0345426266 Though kind of frightening in content, widowed New York psychotherapist Dr. Frederick “Ricky” Starks does not think anything will happen when he receives the threatening anonymous letter of revenge for medical neglect. That is until Rumplestiltskin takes his first victim. Rumplestiltskin simply gives Ricky an ultimatum. Over the next two weeks till his fifty-third birthday Ricky can try...