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Chet Kinsman is the commander of the first lunar base. He shares a dome with the Russians, and the two groups have become close friends. When tensions between Russia and the United States arise on Earth, Kinsman declares the indenpendence of the moonbase Selene while Earth declares war on the moon....
Red Thunder
Ace, April 2003, 23.95, 416 pp. ISBN 0441010156 In the not too distant future, NASA has invented space technology used by Ares Seven to travel to Mars, but it will land two weeks after the Chinese make the first red planet landing with people aboard. Manny and Dak, two college students, want to become astronauts more than anything else and they get to meet former astronaut Travis Bussard when they almost run over him in their jeep. Travis was d...
Cirroco Jones ("Rocky") commands an exploratory vessel sent to investigate an astronomical anomaly in the area of Saturn. What they find is a wheel shaped artifact of obvious alien design. Excited and confused, they depart from normal plans and begin an investigation that causes their ship to be captured by the artifact, torn apart, and the crew drawn in to it's depths. Separated from one another and held in a state of almost total sensory deprivation, t...