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Eye Of Vengeance
Mullins is a crime reporter for the South Florida Daily News, a powderkeg sitting in the middle of the newsroom. Mullins's life has been one of quiet devastation since his wife and one of his twin daughters were killed in an accident involving a drunk driver. Mullins attempts to balance his life between his reporting and his duties of fatherhood toward his surviving daughter, but it is a losing battle with his paternal duties coming out on the short end....
Shadow Men
This third mystery novel in the series by mystery writer Jonathon King finds his series character Max Freeman still living his self imposed exile deep in the Florida Everglades. Picking up a short time after the events depicted in the mystery, A Visible Darkness, Max is still able to live in his shack. His isolation, except for the occasional private investigator job for his friend and attorney, Billy Manchester, has allowed him to slowly come to grips...
The Blue Edge Of Midnight
Dutton, April 2002, 22.95, 288 pp. ISBN 0525946438 Max Freeman was a Philadelphia police officer working a beat and taking it easy when he's called to a neighborhood store that has a robbery in progress. Even at a distance, Max hears gunshots fired so he's prepared to go in shooting but before he enters the store, he takes a bullet. Almost as a reflex, he returns the fire and later learns he shot a twelve-year-old boy. Even though it ...