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Different Roads
After her mother's death, six-year-old Jaycee Stevens is neglected by her alcoholic father and decides she would rather be beaten than ignored. She grows up in rural Alabama and takes crap off no one, and she lives in fear of anyone finding out she is also a love-starved little girl terrified of being abandoned in the dark. Her heart is broken when her first love, Cole McGee, won't go to college with her because of his family obligations, but her intrepi...
True Blue Forever
At the fifth grade honors program, three eleven-year-old boys are captivated by a brilliant little red-haired girl named Jeana Russell as she recites the poem she wrote, and each boy vows to win her heart. True Blue Forever is the story of how these four unconventional teenagers grow up together on the Alabama Gulf Coast in the late seventies. Jeana is an unpretentious heroine who refuses to be anyone but herself--a smart girl who thinks she'll never...