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Julian's House
Sally and David Curtiss are a newlywed couple with some problems in their relationship. They are also parapsycologists, who have recently purchased a house which is rumored to be haunted. They plan on studying the house and trying to find any evidence of supernatural activity there. Sally is a reluctant psychic, so when none of the Curtiss' hi-tech equipment shows any signs of supernatural activity, David suspects that Sally senses something in the hous...
The Heart of a Witch
Kip and Shelly Davies are twins who have lives their whole lifes across the street from Lockly Arms, a victorian mansion that has been converted into an inn. As children, they trepass there for the purpose of spying, and Kip sees something that sends him into a shocked coma-like state. As teenagers, the twins get jobs at the inn, and their suspicians are aroused once again. Eventually Kip and Shelly discover that the inn is home to a witches coven, an ap...