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My Mother's Daughter
Throughout her childhood, Cissy Stewart is painfully aware of having been adopted. Although she and her older brother Buddy have all the love anyone could want, Cissy has always felt her mother Martha Claire's disappointment at being unable to have biological children. Ironically, Martha Claire's sister Justine - spontaneous, fun-loving and determined never to be a mother - returns from the Women's Army Corps in World War II Europe, pregnant. Her ...
The Girlfriends' Club
THE GIRLFRIEND'S CLUB Simon and Schuster, May 2002, 22.00, 319 pp. ISBN 0684873877 They haven been the best of friends for thirty-nine years and on Mary Sue's forty-fifth birthday, they celebrate it at the lake cabin of Dixie's father's. It is a bittersweet time for them as well as Pamela and Gretchen because the next day Mary Sue is going in for a radical mastectomy. Mary Sue's boyfriend Walter is supposed to show up but when Dixie calls hi...