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Every Step You Take
Putnam, Sept 2003, 24.95, 336 pp. ISBN 0399151095 Forever lasted for five years for Claire and Noah before he allegedly killed himself after getting suspended from the New York City Police Force pending an Inter Affairs investigation. Noah was alleged to have tampered with a witness and obstructed justice in an effort to get B.B. LeBeau convicted of killing five children aged eight to eighteen. When Le Beau is convicted in a multiple homicide...
Summer of Storms
Putnam, Mar 2001, 24.95, 304 pp. ISBN: 0399147741 Thirty years ago, Hurricane Queenie battered New York City. The storm made so much noise that no one in the next room heard the struggles of five-year old Julie Jamieson when she was murdered. The police investigated everyone connected to Julie, but failed to find the guilty party. To escape the media and the ghosts, the family fled to Charleston, South Carolina where they still grieve thei...
The House on the Hill
Quinn Gallagher is a parole officer in charge of one the the most notorious killers known, Elton Weir or "Weird Ellie". He has been secretly placed in an abondoned houseon the hill of a small town, that has been modified with hi-tec sucurity systems that are said to be unescapable. Quinn is burdoned with an FBI agent that wants to interview her psychotic parolee for a research project. As soon as Quinn meets FBI agent he gets under her skin and on her...