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Lovers continues with where Scruples Two left us, but still manages to stand alone as a tempestuous tale of love, passion, lust and revenge. Gigi Orsini decides to leave the sheltering boundaries of Scruples Two, the fashion catalogue that she helped set up, to take up a job as a copywriter at a budding new agency. Though two of the three owners of the agency - Archie and Bryon - are smitten by her charm and talent, Victoria Frost sees Gigi as her sw...
Princess Daisy
Daisy is a Russian princess whose family immigrates to America. This is the story of how she suffers a life-changing misfortune when she is still a young girl and her life gets turned around. She goes from a life of luxury and glamor to an ordinary life where she is a nobody. When she is a teenager, she has a brief relationship with her half-brother, who is several years older than her. As she later explains to a lover, the first time and the last ti...