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It's a battle for survival in a world where the elite few live in a dome that protects them from a radioactive world. Burn is the third book in the "Pure" triology and it jumps right into the story without explaining much about what went on in the previous two novels. The trilogy takes place in a world where nuclear weapons were purposely set off in an effort to kill off most of the inhabitants. An elite few live inside a dome that protects them from th...
Girl Talk
Lissy Jablonski is a 29 year old advertising executive who has just found out she is pregnant by her married ex-lover, Peter Kinney. When Lissy's childhood friend and former sweetheart, Church Fiske, arrives in New York city to live with her until he can get on his feet, Lissy is in the middle of a serious life crisis. Lissy has just kicked out her thieving, lying roommate, a Korean stripper named Kitty Hawk. When Church goes to Kitty's strip club to ...
The Madam
Alma is the wife of a railroad worker and mother of three children in 1924 working in a hosiery mill and running a boarding house to support them. Alma's husband Henry hears about a great opportunity in Miami: steamer trunks, unclaimed from a luxury ship, are available for purchase. Henry decides that they will seek their fortune on the docks, and Alma agrees to leave the children behind temporarily. Alma decides that Irving, the eldest, is old enough to...