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By the Time You Read This I'll Be Dead
A young teenage girl named Daelyn wants to die and plans to commit suicide with the help of an on-line, interactive website for life completers. For Daelyn Rice, high school is as torturous as both elementary and junior high. Bullies continue to come at her from all angles. She knows she is overweight and the neck brace she is forced to wear doesn't help matters. It draws attention to her and kids are ruthless. They call her deaf to her face. Don't the...
Define Normal
Antonia Dillon is a good student in middle school, but to make her college application look better, and to help some of her peers, she decides to participate in a peer counseling program. Dr. Dileo, the guidance counselor chooses the partners, and for some strange reason, he puts her with Jasmine Luther, otherwise know as Jazz. Jazz wears black eyeliner, lip gloss, nail polish, and clothes. When Antonia sees Jazz, she is ready to quit, but since s...