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Don't Tempt Me
St. Martin's, Feb 2004, 6.99, 352 pp. ISBN: 0312983492 After his two sisters failed to persuade cruise ship owner Jackie Taylor to partner with them on a treasure hunt, Chef Adrian St. Claire travels to Corpus Christie to try in person. He needs the letter she owns in which her ancestor mentions “Lafitte's Treasure” so that he can get the Texas Historical Commission to sanction a scavenger hunt. Jackie tells Adrian that the treasure is a worthl...
Falling For You
St. Martin's, Apr 2002, 6.50, 336 pp. ISBN: 0312978723 In Galveston Bay, Texas boat tour guide Aurora “Rory” St. Claire notices a “For Sale” sign on the Pearl Island property once owned by her ancestor. She wants the place to open up a bed and breakfast. She asks the son of a local banker, Oliver “Chance” Chancellor, for information. He tells her that the national bank that bought out his father has foreclosed on the property. Rory tells...
Lead Me On
St. Martin's, Jan 2003, 6.50, 352 pp. ISBN: 0312983484 Badly hurt in a relationship once before, Allison St. Claire vowed never again would a man devastate her heart again. However, when horror writer Scott Lawrence checks into her family owned and operated Pearl Island Inn on Galveston Island, Allison reconsiders her pledge. Scott is immediately attracted to Allison from the moment he first sees her, but she is wife material and all he desi...