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Lincoln Steffens: A Biography
Lincoln Steffens was most well known as a muckraking journalist in New York City in the beginning of the 20th century. As a young man he went off to Europe ostensibly for education and returned married to an older woman. His first job was with the New York Evening Post where he worked on many of the issues surrounding Tammany Hall corruption. He was a friend of the reforming Police Commissioner, Theodore Roosevelt. Later in life he became interested in...
Walt Whitman, A Life
Kaplan's biography begins with the poet buying a house in Camden, New Jersey in 1864 at the age of 65. He then goes back in time to tell of his youth, his time spent working for newspapers in Brooklyn and Long Island. He began work on the Long Island Patriot in 1831 when he was twelve. Later he spent some time as a young country school teacher. Whitman's experiences during the Civil War, where he served as a nurse, are detailed as are the uses to w...